Sep 5, 2006

Holding Pattern

Well, iMac Jr. is in for surgery and probably won't be back for at least a week or more. Please send him your best wishes for a speedy recovery and no memory loss. Right now I'm using his momma, iMac Sr., and while she is a hardy and formidable computer, she tends to make everything look kind of wonky. She's very dependable, but lacks the sleek stylings of her least she is purple.

Anyway I digress, I seem to be in a stalemate with my knitting. I've been steadily increasing the inches on my Lady Eleanor. She's a very fun and relaxing companion. I can totally see knitting another one, or maybe an entrelac scarf or pillow cover. I still have not felted my slippers and bowl. I need to weave in all the ends on the disappointing Dishcloth and I have not mustered up the courage to confront the Shawl. I did manage to get in a few rounds of my sock while waiting to speak with Mac's doctor, but so far it just isn't very inspiring at all. I don't feel bothered about any of it though, because of the joy of Eleanor.

Sadly, no photos on this post because the little upload tool isn't showing up, but maybe things will look bright again when Jr. returns. Ciao.

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Sarah H. said...

I wondered what you were up to! :)