Sep 28, 2006


I'm actually taking charge of my WIPs! I completed the main knitting of Lady Eleanor the other day and I immediately wove in the ends! There were only 2, but still that's a lot of progress for me. I wish I knew about the splicing method when I was joining skeins on the Candleflame Shawl, it has too many ends to think about and they easily could have been absorbed into the shawl had I known better. I'm going to block the stole this weekend and then add the fringe. Must use crochet hook, never a strong point with me, ahh!

Here’s a photo of Lady Eleanor:

In other WIPs, I actually did take a look at the shawl yesterday and still couldn't really figure out what I'd done wrong. I haven't decided yet if I'm going to bind off the stitches and leave the mistake in or rip back the 5 inches to the lifeline and re-knit. It doesn't sound like many inches, but with 500+ stitches, it's many, many more hours of knitting that I'd be redoing. I'm just going to have to figure out if the mistake will bother me enough if I leave it in. In all honesty I'd probably be the only one who saw it anyway and what with closing in on a YEAR of knitting this, I'm pretty ready to finish.

I finally felted my bowl and it is currently drying, photo to come soon. I finished another Christmas gift and will soon be starting another. I even have knit a little more on my sock, even though it's still boring! I'm doing pretty well this week I think. I'm going to try to keep my WIPS in order from now on, I wonder how long it will last. Perhaps keeping no more than 2 or 3 projects ongoing is the best idea.

I did have a mini brain glitch yesterday and decided that I must knit a sweater right away! I'm going to NJ for Christmas to visit the in-laws and it occurred to me that none of them would consider me a serious knitter if I wasn't sporting a hand knit sweater. It’s probably not true and it certainly doesn’t matter, but there it is. My next big project will be my first sweater. I’ve picked one out of Interweave’s latest issue and will be ordering my yarn from Knit Picks soon.

Sep 26, 2006

Think Pink

So here's the scarf I knitted last week. It's for the Think Pink Challenge that I just found out about. I mixed several yarns and knit it sideways, so it didn't take any time at all. It's going to be a teensy bit hard to part with it, if only because it's so Pink! I have a ton of the fringe left over though, so I'm going to add it to something else or wear it in my hair.

Project: Think Pink Scarf
Source: My Design
Yarn: TLC Wiggles, Plymouth Fantasy Naturale, Cascade 220 & Yarn Bee Party Girl
Needles: US 13
Started: 9/19/06
Finished: 9/20/06
Comments: I love this scarf and want to do this in all colors of the rainbow. This is also great for stash-busting. Just cast on as many stitches as you want the length to be and knit as many rows as the width you want. Super-easy! This is the first fringe I've made and it was kind of fun too.

Sep 22, 2006

Scarf Stuff

I'm still working diligently on my stole. I really completed a lot while watching dozens of hours of tennis during the U.S. Open. I just started my last skein for the knitting part and then I will use one more for the knotted fringe.

I did just complete a last-minute scarf that I'll explain in more detail next week. I need to take photos of it over the weekend.

Since a post without photos is never any fun, I'm going to post some older things that I like and were made before this blog.
First off, is the Irish Hiking Scarf. I made this for my boyfriend Greg for Christmas.

Project: Irish Hiking Scarf
Source: Hello Yarn
Yarn: Noro Kureyon #52
Needles: ??
Started: 10/13/05
Finished: 12/21/05
Comments: Xmas present for Greg, knit in secret. My first cabling project, very fun. I used 3 skeins.

And this is a pretty cool photo that I took at my Grandparents a few weeks ago. Have a good weekend.

Sep 5, 2006

Holding Pattern

Well, iMac Jr. is in for surgery and probably won't be back for at least a week or more. Please send him your best wishes for a speedy recovery and no memory loss. Right now I'm using his momma, iMac Sr., and while she is a hardy and formidable computer, she tends to make everything look kind of wonky. She's very dependable, but lacks the sleek stylings of her least she is purple.

Anyway I digress, I seem to be in a stalemate with my knitting. I've been steadily increasing the inches on my Lady Eleanor. She's a very fun and relaxing companion. I can totally see knitting another one, or maybe an entrelac scarf or pillow cover. I still have not felted my slippers and bowl. I need to weave in all the ends on the disappointing Dishcloth and I have not mustered up the courage to confront the Shawl. I did manage to get in a few rounds of my sock while waiting to speak with Mac's doctor, but so far it just isn't very inspiring at all. I don't feel bothered about any of it though, because of the joy of Eleanor.

Sadly, no photos on this post because the little upload tool isn't showing up, but maybe things will look bright again when Jr. returns. Ciao.