Sep 24, 2007

Summer Dishcloths

Project: Ballband Dishcloths
Source: Mason-Dixon Knitting
Yarn: Sugar 'N Cream in Light Blue & Jewels; Red, Strawberries 'N Cream, & Patio Pinks
Needles: US 7
Started: 7/18/07 & 7/24/07
Finished: 7/23/07 & 7/26/07
Comments: It wouldn't be summer without more ballbands!

Project: Dragonfly Dishcloth
Source: It was from a blog called PurpleDuckie, but it appears to be missing now
Yarn: Sugar 'N Cream in Hot Purple
Needles: US 7
Started: 8/2/07
Finished: 8/4/07
Comments: Pretty!


Greg said...

You can never have too many dishclothes.

Sarah H. said...

Dishcloths are wonderful. I give them as presents.