Sep 4, 2007

New Craft

Well, August has been busy & scorching. I've taken a slight break from knitting after all of the baby items, but I plan to start again soon.

I have tons of other projects to post, but in the meantime I have to share my new hobby. I finally broke out the Stitch It Kit I received for my birthday and whipped up a embroidered tea towel yesterday. I've always wanted to know how to embroider after seeing all of my Grandmother's lovely inherited doilies and hankies. I have to agree with everyone else, it is addictive! I can't wait to do more, obviously hoping my stitches will improve in consistency.


Sarah H. said...

Purty! I call embroidery "coloring for grown ups"

Greg said...

That looks great in a photo too. You are a real renaissance craftster!

Sarah H. said...

Laurie, dear, email me your new address:

My old bellsouth account went kaput.