Apr 4, 2007

Too Many?

So I just finished reading the Yarn Harlot's newest book, Casts Off and I think it's her best yet. The idea of a travel guide to knitting is just brilliant! The only thing I really dislike about her books is how it takes absolutely no time to read them. I wish she could crank them out faster.

Last month I read Knitting for Peace, which is a gorgeous little book. It explains the history of knitting for charitable causes and includes descriptions of many present-day organizations and projects. It includes several patterns too. I found it very inspiring and have vowed to do more charity knitting from now on. I want to make something for every cause mentioned! I almost immediately cast on for a blanket square for afghans for Afghans and right after that started a cuddly little bear for Mother Bear Project. Sarah made a really cute one last year. I still have to embroider the face, but I plan on making more of them. I think I could probably complete an afghan square between every 1 or 2 projects and it would help to keep me sane and go to a good cause. I've been using up some stash yarn for these projects that are machine washable, leftover from the Jayne hat. I want to make more hats, but I'm thinking some rough Lopi would be better for the cowboys in space look.

Anywho, after making Two socks & Two mittens, I needed some quick no frills projects. Hence the blanket square, the bear, and the following.

Project: Leo's Lap Blanket
Source: Mason Dixon Knitting
Yarn: TLC Essentials in Cranberry, Butter & Persimmon, Lion Brand Wool-Ease in Brown
Needles: US 8
Started: 2/26/07
Finished: 3/1/07
Comments: This is for my elderly cat Leo. He is frequently cold, his claws are constantly out and he sits on my lap as soon as I sit down. The blanket is to protect my poor legs & clothes from anymore painful clawings, as well as to keep him warm when I'm not around. It's been in use for about a week and is already pretty ripped up itself. No matter, he likes it okay, as do the other cats. It's maybe 14" x 14", just big enough to cover my lap and fit most of their bodies. Crochet border to "finish the look".

So after that, I ask you how many dishcloths is too many? I ran from the blanket straight into a dishcloth jag (thank you Harlot for that phrase). I was having trouble sleeping and was churning out an average of a cloth a day. Except for the monstrosity that is the Flower Petal. Here goes:

Project: Flower Petal Washcloth
Source: Weekend Knitting
Yarn: Lion Chenille Thick & Quick in Violet
Needles: US 6
Started: 2/26/07
Finished: 2/28/07
Comments: I hate this yarn and I cannot understand how people can knit with it. It was the first yarn I ever bought (also in 2 other colors) and it made me want to give up knitting before I had barely started it. I've never made anything with it and it is going straight to the Salvation Army next weekend. The cloth only took 2 days but it felt a lot longer. It was sheer will that got me through this. I believe it may have turned out much bigger than was intended. It is pretty soft, but it's so solid & bulky that I'm doubtful it will even soak up water.

Project: Slip Stitch Dishcloth & Double Woven Stitch Cloth
Source: Blossom Knitwear & Knitting Knonsense
Yarn: Sugar 'n Cream in Hot Pink & Red, SnC in Beach Ball Blue
Needles: US 7
Started: 3/9/07 & 3/11/07
Finished: 3/9/07 & 3/12/07
Comments: I love the Slip Stitch Cloth & will definitely use the pattern again.

Project: Eyelet Square & Swish with a Twist Cloth
Source: Knitting for Peace & Creative Knitting Magazine
Yarn: TLC Essentials in Butter & Snc in Cornflower Blue
Needles: US 7
Started: 3/2/07 & 3/8/07
Finished: 3/5/07 & 3/8/07
Comments: I love a cable dishcloth!

Project: Love & Shamrock Cloth
Source: Knitting Knonsense & Knitting Knonsense
Yarn: Snc in some kind of pink & emerald
Needles: US 7
Started: 3/7/07 & 3/10/07
Finished: 3/7/07 & 3/10/07
Comments: I like the idea of seasonal cloths. Now I need to find a bunny!

So five regular cloths & one giant one, that's enough for now...I think.


Greg said...

You should post up a picture of Leo’s blanket to give everyone an idea of just what punishment your legs and clothes used to endure. After looking at that picture of the flower petal dishcloth, that yarn might also make a good protective blanket for you lap. I defy Leo’s claws to push through that tight knit.

You might have already found some bunny dishcloths, but here’s pattern if you didn’t:


This one has a bunny dishcloth and a chik dishcloth too. They’re way at the bottom of the page:


Laurie said...


Thanks for the links. I found those after I posted. They're not exactly what I was looking for, but I might make the first one. Maybe I'll come up with my own???

Sarah H. said...

You may want to check--I seem to remember that Temple Israel in Memphis collects and mails the Mother Bear Project bears. . . .

Lovely stuff!

Laurie said...

Thanks for the info. I'll def. check into that!