Feb 20, 2007

No New Yarn?

I'm not exactly going on a Yarn Diet, but I'm going to try to not buy any more yarn for awhile. I've already got loads and projects in mind for a lot of it. It kinda seems like yarn has been magnetically drawn to me lately. While mom was overseas picking out yarn for me, me & my boy hit two LYS in a span for a couple of hours! In addition I recently cashed in on a generous giftcard from my brother & SIL, thanks guys! Then this past weekend Greg presented me with some more yarn for Valentine's. I obviously have enough yarn for now, but by the time my birthday rolls around in a couple of months I could probably squeeze in a little more. So I present my recent lust-worthy acquisitions...

My most beloved Kureyon in various colors. I have an impulse to buy this whenever it flashes its multi-colored, hay-strewn eyes my way. I'm loosely thinking of starting a Lizard Ridge throw. I finally got my grubby little hands on my very own mmmMalabrigo in Emerald & Cuarzo, which I'm already using for mittens. Socks were swirling around my head when I spotted the new Tofutsies yarn from SWTC. It's the one with Chitin, a byproduct of the shellfish industry. I figure it's okay to use 'cause it's kinda like recycling.

For my giftcard I chose some Mountain Colors 4/8s Wool in Wildflower. They'll probably be used in the next socks I make. The magenta Colinette Parisienne will make some very luxurious sleeves for my arms.

This is the yarn from Greg. It's Berroco Ultra Alpaca in Pea Soup Mix for the Brea Bag. Thanks dear!

That's not a lot of yarn, right? Not compared to a lot of blogs. It's enough for me though, for now...

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Greg said...

The pea soup color kind of pales after scrolling through the rest of the yarn.

Thanks for my presents too. I just started on my music of the vine lands CD.