Oct 31, 2006

Clapotis Mania

With all the new clapotis floating around, it seems like the pattern is more popular than ever before. Sarah has just completed one and the thread on Craftster is very hot right now. I haven't posted my Spring Clap before, so it seems like the perfect time.

I just started one last week that's heavier and warmer than the first one. I've finished the increase sections and hopefully this will be the last time I make one of these. The finished product is well worth the time, but I do admit to finding the pattern increasingly tedious and irritating!

Project: Clapotis
Source: Knitty
Yarn: Southwest Trading Company Bamboo in Bougainvillea
Needles: US Size 9
Started: 10/10/05
Finished: 4/12/06
Comments: Needless to say, I put this one away for a long time for other projects. Once I finally picked it back up again, I finished it very quickly. It's a great light wrap, perfect for chilly movie theaters. I used 2 1/2 to 2 3/4 skeins. The finished measurements are approx. 20" x 76".


Greg said...

I can't wait to see the new one when it's done!! Those pictures turned out great. It looks like your in a lush jungle... with pink lawn flamingo's!

Happy Halloween!!

Sarah H. said...


Clapotis--A LOOOOOOOOOOT of stitches! I thought it was a bit tedious on my second clapotis too. Looking forward to seeing your winter one!

Interesting that we are mentioning each other in our blogs! Hey, girl!

Lizzy said...

Oh dear! Is it really so tedious. I really , really want one. I have the yarn but need the incentive to start. Yours looks fab - please say it was worth the effort !

Laurie said...

While it is somewhat tedious, it is definitely worth the effort! I encourage you to make one. My Spring Clapotis pictured here is one of my most worn knits.

Go for it!