Jul 17, 2006

Kool-Aid Pithy Hat

Ok, so my hat is done. Next time, I have to be more careful when choosing which colors to wear near my face. I wanted to make this pattern and I had the right amount of yarn, more in fact, but I really neglected the fact that bright green & blue would contrast highly with my fair skin and red hair. Ah well, maybe if I let my hair go back to its original color someday, the hat will look better.

Anyway, the knitting got a lot easier a few rows into it. The knit 2 tog tbl could be tricky though. The pattern is from Little Turtle Knits. I think the purse stitch is very pretty and shows off the gradual changes in color very well. I used US size 9 16" bamboo circs for all but the first few rows.

It's a little uncomfortable modeling a wool hat when it's 100 degrees outside! I'm glad to be done with this impulse project and get on with other things.

In other knitting news, I was so close to finishing my Baby Kimono yesterday when I ran out of yarn! Eeek, I hate that! So now I have to trek all the way out to Hobby Lobby to get another skein of Sugar 'n Cream that probably won't match my dye lot just so I can knit a lousy 2 or 3 inches. How annoying!


Greg said...

It looks really good in the natural sunlight. I think the colours in the hat are complemented by your eyes.

Carrie said...

Your hat turned out really nice!! Those 2 colors are the same ones I chose the first time I dyed yarn!

Sarah H. said...

The colors really aren't bad on you, you know. Pretty pattern!

Erica said...

The hat looks pretty with your hair, IMO!