Jun 1, 2006

A Dishcloth!

This is my first Ball Band Dishcloth from

  • Mason-Dixon Knitting
  • I took a much needed break from the *HUGE* baby blanket to whip up something fast & easy. I had plenty of Sugar 'n Creme left over from my marathon Christmas dishcloth/doily knitting, so it was fun to mix and match colors. I wanted the blue to be the slipped stitches, but of course I didn't read the pattern before I started, so there ya go. I really like the effect it created though, kind of like stained glass. This was really fun and I will certainly be making more of them. I just need to weave in the ends to start using it! The colors of Sugar 'n Creme are Delft Blue and Jewels. Knit on size 7s.

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    Sarah H. said...

    Welcome to the cult of the Ballband Dishcloth!