Jun 1, 2006

Baby Mitts!

I recently completed these mittens for my nephew-to-be. I don't want him to scratch his face with sharp little fingernails, (although if he's anything like me, my brother, or my niece, he will be biting those nails very soon) so I made these to protect his soft skin. I was pretty petrified to use size 1 and 2 double points, but it was really no problem save for the casting on and first couple of rows, but I always have a little trouble with that. So knitting the mittens was easy, but man is i-cord a pain! I really dislike it. I made the cord about 30 inches long 'cause I read somewhere that someone else did and I had no clue. I thought they turned out pretty precious. The pattern is from the Knitting Page-a-Day Calendar, which for the most part has really fugly projects. The yarn is Knit Picks Simple Stripes Sock Yarn in Storm.

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Sarah H. said...

Adorable! What great baby gifts.