Nov 14, 2007

Wedding Shawl

So here are the details on my beautiful wedding shawl.

This was my first big lace project and I was plenty nervous. Miriam, the designer, was very helpful when I had questions and other knitters helped me through my first time blocking with wires and how to wash the delicate yarn. Thanks a lot!!

I think this pattern is perfect for a beginning lace knitter. It's pretty straight-forward and the charts are easy to read. The yarn is the softest thing I've ever touched and I wish I could drape myself in it all the time. When knitting the shawl, I often stopped for minutes at a time to pet the yarn! The yarn also seems much sturdier when knit up. I only had breakage once and that was when I was pulling from the first center ball I had wound. I do tend to wind too tightly.

This is definitely my most loved of all the things I've knit. I'm extremely proud of it too!

Now for lots more photos!

Project: Seraphim Wedding Shawl
Source: Mim Knits
Yarn: Lobster Pot Lace Weight Cashmere in Salt Rose, 1.5 skeins
Needles: US 6
Started: 8/1/07
Finished: 9/5/07
Comments: I left out one repeat because I'm so short and also because I was worried of running out of yarn. I had plenty of yarn left over and the shawl ended up being only slightly shorter than the one the pattern calls for. This shawl was knit in secret and my sweet husband ended up being very surprised (he's my #1 knitting fan)! I only hope I can figure out how to wear this often.


Greg said...

I was so surprised. When you first walked out, I found myself wondering, what’s she wearing over her shoulders? It took me a minute to remember I was seeing your beautiful dress for the first time too!

Laurie said...

Ha, gotcha!

Lizzy said...

Your shawl is amazing - what a great idea to make a wedding shawl. How lucky you are that your husband is a fan of your knitting - mine regards it as some kind of mild eccentricity !

Sarah H. said...

I LOVE it! Thanks for the details. I'm sure you will treasure it for many years to come--store it well.

Lobster Pot said...

Laurie, I'm so amazed! I knew when I went into business hand dyeing yarns that I wanted knitters everywhere to work them into things that loved ones would treasure. You've made my dream come true! I've dyed I don't know how much yarn, but your wedding shawl and the picture of the two of you has made this journey what I'd always hoped. I'm glad you chose my Lobster Pot cashmere for this special shawl and I LOVE that you did it in Salt Rose. The best to you both always! Sue