May 12, 2006


Well, gee, I guess I haven't been keep up with the blog at all. Seein' as how I am now linked on someone else's blog, possibly to be viewed by others, I guess I should get crackin'.

To start with, I'm going to show all of the awesome knitting loot I scored for my birthday last month. The first two are oh-so-pretty Koigu PPPM from the "in-laws". I'm hoping to learn socks in the next month or so. I'm thinking of using a different yarn for my first pair because they will probably be kind of wonky, but this yarn is so yummy-looking, I want to dive right into it.

The solid pink is Lobster Pot 100% Cashmere received from my brother & sis-in-law. Isn't it luscious? I can't get over how ridiculously expensive it is. I'm going to have to find a really special pattern to use it. I'm thinking lacy gloves or something.

From my momma I got some Wool of the Andes in Natural. I'm so excited to try Kool-Aid dying. It's going to be fun to pick out colors.

Next up are the gorgeous skeins from the KnitPicks Palette sampler that my dear Greg got me. 30 colors, ahhh! You can tell I love taking photos of my yarn, I usually take 3 or 4 shots of each to get the perfect picture. I've already delved into these to make the Candywrapper Sachets from One Skein for Mother's Day.

He also got me the Debbie Bliss yarn I've been eyeing for the vintage capelet from

This birthday was just so much fun with all of the knitting goodness. In addition to all of the yarn I received, I got some money, which has already been used to order some Colinette Giotto for the Waterlily top in IK's Spring issue. I was going to buy it from cucumberpatch on eBay, but she only had 2 skeins. Luckily for me, loop in London has just opened an online store: I bought the yarn for less than half of what it costs over here. Yippee!! Knitting books received include: One Skein- which I'm already using, Knitting Rules!- I read it right away, Scarf Style- I can't wait to try Lady Eleanor of course, Sensational Knitted Socks- I will be using it shortly & Modular Knits- I love the color combos. My mom also got me a book on updated hippie crafts.

Ok, I think this is a good start to actually keeping up with my blog. I'll try to figure out how to make the format look better. I'll post some recent FOs and WIPS soon.


Sarah H. said...

Can I borrow your family members?? Those are awesome gifts! I have seen piles of colorful Koigu; love it.

Laurie said...

Even I was stunned out how much yarn I received, it was so fun! Now I'm griping over the baby blanket I'm working on because I want to get to this good stuff!!